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Petites-Mains' mission is to help people in difficulty, especially immigrant, single-parent and unemployed women, to get out of isolation, and learn a trade, in order to promote their integration into the labour market and their integration into Quebec society.


Employment support and training

  • Paid training in an integration enterprise for 6 months (35h/week):
    • Industrial Sewing Machine Operator;
    • Training as a cook’s helper, catering and customer service;
    • Office clerk.
  • Women: A Step Towards Employment:
    • The Stage Exploration program consists of 8 weeks in workshops at Petites-Mains and 2 exploratory internships in different workplaces
    • The Work Experience program consists of 8 weeks in workshops and 4 weeks of real work experience in a company related to their field of interest.


  • Integration program for visible minorities: this program allows young women considered as visible minorities, far from the labour market and with a basic level of French, to learn French through intensive courses or to participate in an integration program while taking part in one of Petites-Mains’ trainings (industrial sewing or cook’s assistant).
  • Free part-time francization courses for immigrants. Possibility of financial aid and allowance for daycare expenses.

Daycare and respite care

Childcare centre “Le Royaume des Petites-Mains”: priority places for people registered in one of the programs and training courses of Petites-Mains.

Volunteering and Volunteer Centers

Volunteers are needed to support women in training (e.g. French conversation), in administration, in the sewing factory or at the organization’s coffee shop.

Food aid

  • Food support offered to the clients of Petites-Mains;
  • Free or low cost meals offered by the café-resto of Petites-Mains.

*** We offer our integration programs to people in need, mainly immigrant women, however, our programs are also open to men. Our integration programs are offered to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and refugees. Other programs such as the French courses or the employability program are reserved for immigrants with a valid immigration status.

*** All services are free of charge, and some courses offer financial compensation.

INFO : Relocalisation des organismes du Complexe William-Hingston

Le déménagement des organismes du Complexe William Hingston a commencé. Retrouvez toutes les informations sur le site web de la Table de Quartier de Parc-Extension : suivez ce lien !  Pour plus d'infos, contactez-nous.

The relocation of the William Hingston organizations has begun. You can find all the information on the Park Extension Roundtable's website: follow the link! For more information, contact us.

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