About Us

Our History

In order to inform people about the resources in Park-Extension, a committee was formed in May 2020. Different partners in the neighborhood came together in order to bring this project to life:

  • Rose Ndjel from Afrique au Féminin;
  • Catherine Roy from Bibliothèque de Parc-Extension;
  • Ghislaine Paiement from École Barclay et École Barthélemy-Vimont;
  • Véronique Billette from CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de l’île de Montréal;
  • Amina M’haia and subsequently, Qurat Ain from Table de quartier de Parc-Extension.

Together, they formed the Comité répertoire de Park-Extension which collected information about the different resources in the neighborhood and developed a first directory. The Comité worked hard to classify and categorize the information it contained. Its ultimate goal was to make the directory more accessible for everyone in Park-Extension.

What is BIPE?

The Bureau d’information de Park-Extension (BIPE) is a project that results from the Park-Extension Social and Community Development Plan (2021-2026). Its goal is to help people connect with the resources in the neighborhood, to showcase its cultural diversity and to provide professional development opportunities to its residents. 

As the Park-Extension Roundtable took part in the development of the initial Resource Directory, it wanted to contribute further to the Comité’s work by making the information more accessible to the residents and community organizations via an online database.

As such, along with incorporating other important features, including interpretation and volunteering databases, BIPE builds on and humanizes the use of the Park-Extension Resource Directory by providing a multilingual in-person reference service to the residents.

Meet our Team

The Bureau d’information de Parc-Extension (BIPE) could not exist without the dedication of its team! The BIPE Information Counselors play a crucial role in delivering quality service to our clients. They are the bridge between the organizations and the locals. Carefully selected, the counselors are not only residents of Park-Extension, but also speak multiple languages (punjabi, urdu, greek, bengali, etc.) and have a strong network within their respective communities.

Equipe BIPE

Shahista Hamid Hussein

Information Services Advisor

Shahista is passionate about personal service. After several years of doing volunteer work within community organizations in Park-Extension, she joined BIPE as an advisor. She puts her energy and love for human relations to the benefit of the community in order to meet their needs.

Equipe BIPE

Anastasia Georgiou

Information Services Advisor

Living more than 10 years in the Park-Extension neighborhood, Anastasia joined the BIPE team as an advisor. Very involved in the community field, she wishes to continue her commitment through the Park-Extension Roundtable. Her objective is to be able to facilitate communication within the community and to enhance the resources present.

Equipe BIPE

Arpita Adhikary

Information Services Advisor

After having spent her teenage years in Parc-Extension, this place has become a part of Arpita’s core identity. Arpita hopes to be a resourceful person who helps those in need, as she wants to give back to the community who has given her so much.