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Ville en vert


Ville en vert's mission is to raise awareness, educate and support both citizens and organizations in terms of sustainable development. It aims in particular to promote the adoption of behaviours conducive to the protection of the environment and the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits.


Advocacy groups

  • Promotion of citizen action in the environment.
  • Actions and promotion relating to the 3 Rs: reduction at source, reuse, recycling and recovery.

Popular eduation

  • Workshops on healthy eating, biodiversity, urban agriculture, waste management.
  • Awareness, information and citizens’ committee concerning various ecological aspects of the community.

Environmental initiatives

  • Cleanliness and beautification.
  • Collective composting.
  • Greening and landscaping projects.
  • Management of community gardens.
  • Development of green alleys.
  • Waste management consulting.


  • Loan of bicycles.
  • Permit for animals.
  • L’Escale verte – ecological and responsible boutique: social economy enterprise offering ecological products.
  • Equipment loan : Outilothèque.

*** If you are a private organization, there may be a fee to pay.

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