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Service d’Entraide Passerelle (SEP)


The SEP is a family community organization that offers listening, information and mutual aid to all women (cisgender, trans, transgender or transsexual), as well as to all mothers in the greater Montreal area experiencing difficulties related to their breakup, separation or divorce, regardless of their origin, orientation, condition or status.


Women’s advocacy and support groups

  • Support and assistance for all women (cisgender or transgender), as well as all mothers in the greater Montreal area facing difficulties related to their breakup, separation, or divorce, regardless of their origin, orientation, condition, or status. This is not a crisis center or a helpline.
  • Support group “Better Living through my Breakup“: A series of 10 workshops aimed at providing tools to better navigate this period. Registration required.
  • Support group “Moving Forward with my Child“: A series of 5 workshops for mothers aiming to equip them to better navigate this period with their child. Registration required.
  • Support group “Breaking the Cycle of Control“: A series of 5 workshops for survivors of coercive control aimed at better understanding the process and disengaging from it. Registration required.
  • Various collective activities. All group activities are preceded by a meal.
  • Fees may apply for support groups only. Additionally, we reimburse transportation and/or childcare expenses.
  • Individual meetings. By appointment only and virtually.

Legal information and assistance

Since 2020, we have been providing a list of websites that offer legal information in simplified terms—similar to the general information our volunteer lawyers could provide—that you can consult at your convenience. We verify the information during individual meetings.

INFO : Relocalisation des organismes du Complexe William-Hingston

Le déménagement des organismes du Complexe William Hingston a commencé. Retrouvez toutes les informations sur le site web de la Table de Quartier de Parc-Extension : suivez ce lien !  Pour plus d'infos, contactez-nous.

The relocation of the William Hingston organizations has begun. You can find all the information on the Park Extension Roundtable's website: follow the link! For more information, contact us.

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