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Service d’Entraide Passerelle (SEP)


The SEP is a family community organization that offers listening, information and mutual aid to all women (cisgender, trans, transgender or transsexual), as well as to all mothers in the greater Montreal area experiencing difficulties related to their breakup, separation or divorce, regardless of their origin, orientation, condition or status.


Women’s advocacy and support groups

  • Support and mutual assistance to all women experiencing breakup, separation or divorce: meeting with a coach-community worker to take stock of the situation, express our needs, be listened to and think about possible strategies.
  • Self-help and support group Mieux vivre ma rupture: series of 8 – 10 workshops that aim to equip yourself to better live this period.

Legal information and assistance

Legal Information Clinic. Volunteer lawyers provide 30-minute consultations for general information about legal procedures and rights.

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