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Ressource Action-Alimentation de Parc-Extension


Ressource Action-Alimentation supports people living in a context of vulnerability and poverty by providing them with food aid services, clothing and social as well as educational activities to improve their living conditions.


Food aid

  • Food bank: a food basket every two weeks;
  • Emergency assistance for urgent and punctual needs;
  • Christmas baskets;
  • Free meals: cooked meals offered to different organizations;
  • Cooking workshops.

Recovery and sale of used items

Community thrift store offers second-hand goods at low prices to all neighborhood residents. Clothes, books and household items come from donations.

Individual or group support

  • Accompaniment for people who may face difficult situations related to poverty, immigration and many other factors that can make them vulnerable. The team of social workers offers active listening as well as adapted follow-up.
  • Coffee chat.

Reference services

Information and referral service to help people find neighborhood community resources that can meet their various needs, including housing, French lessons, job search and preparing a budget.

Information workshops

Various information workshops on nutrition and home economics which aims to inform and equip people and offer solutions and strategies to eat well in a balanced way at an affordable price. Other workshops related to the needs of the moment are also offered.

School supplies for children

At the start of the school year, children can choose school supplies according to their needs. Families can also buy food. In December, a unifying and festive event takes place which invites poor households to shop for groceries as Christmas approaches.

Leisure activities


*** 5 for the food basket, but must have insufficient income to feed themselves adequately.

INFO : Relocalisation des organismes du Complexe William-Hingston

Le déménagement des organismes du Complexe William Hingston a commencé. Retrouvez toutes les informations sur le site web de la Table de Quartier de Parc-Extension : suivez ce lien !  Pour plus d'infos, contactez-nous.

The relocation of the William Hingston organizations has begun. You can find all the information on the Park Extension Roundtable's website: follow the link! For more information, contact us.

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