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L’Association Coopérative d’Économie Familiale du Nord de Montréal (ACEF)


The Association coopérative d'économie familiale (ACEF) du Nord de Montréal is an independent community organization that works in the field of consumer education. In order to improve the living conditions of citizens and to increase their critical spirit with regard to a consumer society, it offers collective activities and individual services while fighting in solidarity with community actors for greater social justice. Through its humanist approach of collective defense of rights and autonomous popular education, ACEF du Nord de Montréal carries the vision of a community where wealth is shared collectively and where citizen action is valued. Our offices are located in Villeray, but we serve the entire population of Parc-Extension.


Our collective services: Information sessions and courses on budgeting, on debt solutions, information sessions on topics related to consumption, offered externally to organizations, activities of reflection and exchange, participation in various struggles against poverty, citizen committee.

Our individual services: budget consultation, negotiation of payment agreements with Hydro-Quebec, small loans for basic non-recurring needs, accompaniment of consumers harmed by a merchant.


Hours of operation

Monday to Thursday from 9AM to 12 PM & 1PM to 4:30 PM


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