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La Maison Bleue de Parc-Extension


Maison Bleue's goal is to reduce social inequalities by intervening with pregnant women in vulnerable situations.


Maternity and adoption support

Pregnancy and family health follow-up: individual and group prenatal follow-up, post-natal follow-up, physical and mental health follow-up for the whole family, vaccination.

Individual or group support

Psychosocial assessment and follow-up of pregnant women in vulnerable situations: initial assessment and intervention plan, psychosocial services, defense of rights.

Parental education

Psychoeducational services: early stimulation for children 0-5 years old, assessment and monitoring of child development, psychoeducational follow-up, parent/child activities, strengthening of parenting skills.

Accompaniment for parents

Group activities and other services: prenatal meetings, family health, stimulation groups, birth support, complementary care (acunpuncturist, osteopath, massage therapist), special activities and outings

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