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Afrique au Féminin


Afrique au Féminin's mission is to support immigrant women in improving their living conditions and facilitating their integration into the host society.


Food aid

Food assistance to help vulnerable and low-income families, to fight hunger and to help establish safe and healthy eating.


Information for women on the various services and activities being offered which meet their specific needs.


  • Basic French classes for immigrant women.
  • Francization course (MIFI) for immigrant women whose first language is not French.

Individual or group support

Social intervention (individual and group) via home visits, thematic workshops, Women on a Daily Basis group, intercultural twinning for vulnerable women.

Donations of used items

Donations from Montreal families who want to dispose of their furniture and redistribution to newly arrived families in need.

Tax clinics

Maintenance of a fair and equitable tax system by offering valuable assistance to low-income people in Montreal.

Drop-in daycare and respite

Daycare for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Cultural activities and libraries

  • Creative arts workshops: jewelry, embroidery, knitting, sewing classes, with the aim of breaking the isolation of women and forging links between them.
  • Leisure activities: intercultural cuisine; introduction to computer science; yoga.
  • Socio-cultural outings to break the isolation of families.
  • Special events to break the isolation of families.

***PAM project : a group of about ten parents or women from various backgrounds who help residents connect with the history and resources of their neighborhood (community organizations, CLSCs, schools, institutions…) and become references to their community.

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